Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summers Swan Song.......

It is the first week of August and here in the Northeast part of the country it means just one thing….summer is over. I know, I know there are still 6 weeks till the calendar declares the first official day of fall, but trust me, it’s over. Sitting in the kitchen, finally browsing through last Sunday’s sale circulars, it became apparent that in spite of the 94 degree weather predicted for the day, we should be shopping for sweaters, sweatshirts and leather shoes. Bathing suits, sandals, garden tools and pool toys have been relegated to the back “clearance” page, if mentioned at all. And even as a professed lover of autumn, I find this a little sad.

And I place all the blame for my internal seasonal clock being out of whack on retailers. Now, I can understand all the “Back to school ads”, but winter coats? Come on! I work in an industry where summer is our busiest time of year, so it is not unusual that calendar pages turn while escaping my attention. But seeing pumpkins, gourds and hay stacks on craft store inserts has snapped me back to reality! So before Labor Day weekend comes and slams the door on summer, I pledge to:

Ignore the heat and sit on my deck with a glass of iced tea and a magazine at least twice a week.

As a twitter friend just reminded me….I will eat more watermelon before its cool, sweet taste is a memory.

I will call my sister and tell her to grab a float and come join me in the pool.
That is not me, I just liked this body better than mine.

I will make Ice Box Cake one more time!

I will eat more Jersey fresh blue claw crabs!
My sons cooked, prepared....and paid for these!!!

I will eat more Jersey fresh….everything!

I will put my lawn chair close to the rear of the yard and watch the neighbor’s kids chase lightening bugs.

I will not complain about the heat (but no such promise on the subject of humidity)!
(While searching for pictures describing "hot" this came's about  as hot as it gets. Especially with 50 shades o f grey on his face")

Okay, I'm back.

 I will….oh, wait, I better get busy on this list. I just saw a Hallmark circular for Christmas ornaments! Yikes!!!

So please, make the pledge to enjoy what is left of summer!!!

Photos supplied by ImageGoggle and J. Phelps



  1. as a lover of all seasons and the changes that occur in each, I too, am disappointed at having retailers, in their mad rush to sell, shove the next season, earlier and earlier down our throats. I too am still enjoying what is left of summer, which I will continue to do so with what you mentioned above, as well as the sunshine, ever shortening days, shorts, T shirts and when I can, open windows at night, and trips to the shore/boardwalk. Love your blog!

  2. Thank you! I too love all four seasons, I just want to enjoy them one at a time. Here is to spending the next few weeks in shorts and T shirts! (Are you from Jersey? Thinking from the boardwalk reference!)

  3. LOVE this it's so true... before we know it summer will be just a fleeting memory. Love Google's response to "HOT!"

  4. I'm telling you, that man will be hot till the day he dies. And when they put him in the will sizzle! LOL
    Thanks for reading!