Sunday, February 10, 2013

“Because I love you all...”

“Because I love you all”, the email began, “I am having a Valentine’s Day dinner to celebrate our years together!”

What a lovely thought. Celebrating the love and warmth of friendship is a concept that is under looked. And Valentine’s Day may just be the day to do that. Since so many in our group are on the single side of cupid, February 14th is a day where it is so easy to look the other way for 24 hours. It took my friend Judy to see that all types of love should not only be recognized, but celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Our group embodies the celebration of life itself. We have traveled the world together. Through the pubs of Ireland, the hills of the Tuscany countryside, the tapas bars of Spain, the wine vineyards of the Napa Valley to four-wheeling in the Alaskan mountains, we have laughed till we cried. And at times, we have cried till we laughed. It is the best kind of laughter. The break down the walls, kick the door open, change your underwear kind of humor that gets to us every time.

But even more important are the times when life is not so funny. The times when you need a friend to take your arm and guide you down an unknown path; it is certain that someone will step in and prevent the other one from hitting the ground face first. The presence of this friendship is a constant. It is a blessing I will be forever grateful for.

So with that in mind, I will take Judy’s advice this coming Valentine’s Day and celebrate all the loves of my life! To my sons, Trevor and Kyle who monopolize every chamber in my heart, and to the girls that they hold in theirs, to my sisters, who have proven their rock solid devotion over the last several months, to my brothers and their wives, who've been there even through the miles, to my nieces and nephews, all of whom I love as my own, I send the best that Valentine's Day has to offer. 

Through my friend, I have been reminded to celebrate life this Thursday and all of the different types of love that it encumbers. I will have dinner, drink wine and laugh, I'm sure. And I wish, the same for my family and friends, along with the ability to embrace all that your heart can hold...because I love you all.


  1. You too are a heart of a friend. Crystal/RubyBeets

  2. Thank you Ruby! Have a lovely Valentines Day!

  3. Beautiful ! I agree with Crystal ~ you are a beautiful soul with big heart. Sending love right back atcha. xx

  4. Friendship is indeed a constant and through thick and thin.

    Celebrating life and friendships each and every day is a must for all.

    These friendships hold us intact and in the most difficult times.


  5. Couldn't agree more Shelley. thanks for reading!

  6. This post brought a tear to my eye... so lovely, so true.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day filled with all the love your heart can hold.
    (Easton Place)

  7. Thanks so much Patti. Didn't think I would celebrate this day, this year! But found I have so much love to be grateful for!

  8. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by as well!