Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Mid-February...Where are your resolutions?

I went to the gym this morning and noticed that the crowd is getting smaller. January resolves are slowly melting as the days get slightly longer. I had two resolutions this year; get healthy, get stronger. I think I’m doing okay on those two, but I couldn't help thinking about the general resolutions, the ones we all make to better our lives. I looked up the top 10 resolutions to see how my own affirmations have held up. Take a look and see where you are with this!

1.    Resolution #1 Fitness – The American Council on Fitness claims that 66% of us are out of shape. They’re not talking about being overweight, that comes next. They are referring to everyone, even thin people, who lack regular exercise. Just because you’re body mass index number is low, doesn't mean that your heart and other muscles are in prime condition.
Me – I’m holding my own with this one. I can honestly say that my heart rate after three miles on treadmill is much lower than it was last October. A nagging back issue which has been diagnosed as “spinal stenosis”  slows me at times, but does not stop me.

2.    Resolution #2  Lose weight. Diets are prime among those who plan to win Resolution #1. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Atkins don’t run all those expensive January ads for nothing. We start looking up diet programs as we are sucking on the last candy cane.
Me - Okay…now we’re singing a tune I’m familiar with. A life-long battle with the bulge will remain just that – a lifelong battle.  Not that I’m not addressing it, it is just a partner in the ring that I will always have to go a few rounds with on occasion  Formerly mentioned back issue caused severe spasms that kept me out of the gym for three weeks, and I gained 10 pounds. I’m back in the ring and have knocked out the 10 pounds, but the gain served as a reminder that I can not lower my guard.

3.    Resolution #3 Quit Smoking. I have never smoked but totally get that it is a very strong addiction. Since my own will power gets tested on a daily basis, I don’t judge those that face this particular issue. I do, however, wish strength on those I love because it is such a harmful habit.

4.    Resolution #4 Enjoy Life – Recommendations are that we slow down and learn to appreciate all that we have.
Me – A current and ongoing life altering event has made this one a challenge for me. Not that it is impossible; it is just a little harder right now since I am not sure what the rest of the year has in store. But I remain optimistic. We shall see…

5.    Resolution #5 Quit Drinking – Not happening right now. Read above.

6.    Resolution #6 Get Out of Debt - First step is making a budget; second step is sticking to it. Economists all agree on one thing; unless it’s a breathing machine, if you can’t pay cash, don’t buy it.
Me - Of all the resolutions mentioned, this may be the hardest one. Especially since some things are not under my control. But I have learned restraint, and for the most part, my credit cards have been left untouched since the start of the New Year. So I may be getting a hold on this one.

7.    Resolution # 7  Learn Something New – Break out of your comfort zone and bring something new into your life.
Me - Wow! I have learned a lot already in 2013. And mostly about myself! Not a bad thing either.

8.   Resolution #8  Help Others – Get involved. Volunteer. Give something of yourself to the world around you.
Me – I have learned that no matter how tough things may seem, there is always someone else who has it worse. I have experienced how good it feels to get your mind off your problems and extend a hand. There is always someone who will warmly and appreciatively grasp it.

9.   Resolution #9 Get Organized – Organization is the key to controlling your life!
Me – If you really want to do this, go through each closet and drawer with two boxes marked either “trash” or keep”. It is that simple. Or you could do what I am doing…put your house up for sale. It is a mandate for organization!

Resolution #10 Read More! Yes, please do! I am working hard to make this a great year so follow Kitchen Clatter over the next several months; through the wedding, through some personal stuff, through the kitchen, and through life...the best it yet to come!

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