Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Groom's Side Part VIII...A Shower, A Funeral & Mother's Day

The Bride and her girls!!
What a week! If my emotions had travel points, I’d be set for a very long time. A much anticipated bridal shower, a totally unexpected death of a close friend and still reeling from the effects of going a one on one with pneumonia (and losing), left me collapsed and zonked on the couch by late Saturday afternoon. This past week has typically followed the journey of this past year, forcing me to juggling the hard stuff with the good stuff. And yet again, when my resolve to be strong is tested, it is the women in my life who pull me through!

I started the week anxious over the fact that the bedding set I ordered from the bride's registry over three weeks ago, had still not arrived. Late Monday night, I was checking the tracking of my purchase when my cell phone rang and I learned of the death of a favorite friend. A man who we've boated with, partied with, laughed with and cherished, was suddenly gone. I sat heartbroken and crying with my fingers still on the keyboard searching for the shower gift. The hard stuff is rearing its ugly head again.

On Tuesday, I learned that the funeral was going to be on Saturday, the same day as my future daughter in-law's wedding shower. Oh great, I thought, I will be showing up at the shower with red eyes, mascara ruined  and empty handed. On Wednesday, the real estate agent selling our home called to say that Saturday would be a great day to have an "Open House" and to make sure all was perfect before I left for the day. Yes, I agreed, please, let's add something else that I have strong feelings about to this day!

The good stuff! On Friday, the realtor came to take new pictures of the house, and sent me a text at work, "There is a big box from Macy's sitting in front of the door. Is it okay to use my key and put it inside?" Yes!! The tide is changing! Saturday morning reminded me that my friends, Lynne and Karen, are strong amazing women. One minute, we are at the funeral, huddled, hugging and crying, the next we are in the car and chatting about the wedding. Like the windshield wiper that cleared the soft rain from the window, we swiped the tears and replaced them with smiles and talk of who was wearing what to our upcoming beach wedding!
Lynne & Karen won beach hats!

The great stuff. I already love Kathleen (Kat to most), the beautiful woman that my son is marrying. Arriving at the shower and seeing her beaming smile melted the sadness of the morning completely away. Standing not far from her was my son Trevor, still in his suit from the funeral, looking at her with a smile that almost brought tears to my eyes...again.

The beach motif was in strong evidence as sea shells, star fish and candles in sand created beautiful seascapes on the tables. Jean, the bride's Mom, a fabulous baker, (I already surrendered all future grandchildren's birthday cakes to her) made sand dollar cookies along with cupcakes iced in the colors of the bridesmaid's dresses. They tasted as good as they looked. Kat's sisters and the rest of the bridesmaid did a fabulous job. Circumstances prevented me from getting there early to help, but trust me, it wasn't needed. These girls had it going on! And, as Macy's promised, I was not empty handed!

Thank You Macy's!
A day that started in pain, ended with life reminding me of all the good things to come! As I write this, it is Mother's Day and I am grateful that both my boys, and their girls, all of whom I am blessed to not only love but like as well, are strongly entrenched in my life. Trevor, the groom, took me to brunch and Kyle, the chef is cooking me dinner! I couldn't or wouldn't dare ask for more!

Next up? The rehearsal dinner! Oh...It is getting close!!


  1. Captured the sentiments of the week fabulously! And I see that Karens purple hat will perfectly match the purple dress she was trying to get someone to wear...a complete ensemble! Now if we can only find someone who wears that size......

  2. Thanks! Not easy to find someone to wear Karen's size, unless of course we can talk Val into since they seem to be interchangeable!


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