Friday, June 28, 2013

The Groom's Side...Finally, The Wedding!

"Let's sail away, on the ocean blue. For you are meant for me. And I am meant for you", read the invitation. On Saturday, June 22, 2013, Kathleen and Trevor stood in front of their family, friends, hundreds of beach goers...and the ocean, and declared their love and intentions. At times, the spray of the waves pounding the rock jetty behind them, lightly misted the wedding party, causing the bride to flash her brilliant smile as her bridesmaids dressed in the pastel colors of the sea lined behind her.

Beach conditions were perfect. It was as if all the weather gods had lined up to put on their best show. Brilliant blue skies, a light breeze and perfect June temperatures all blended to make this wedding one to remember. As the bride's flowing white gown swept along the beach, it was the groom's turn to smile as he watched her come down the sandy isle. As his mother, I have been witness to most of the expressions on his handsome face over the years. But this day was different. The excitement of his first home run, the intensiveness of his first varsity tackle, or even the pride he displayed shaking the Dean's hand at his college graduation, paled in comparison to this long awaited moment. No, this was the look of a joyful man, a man trying to catch his breath as he realized that all that he wanted in life was now walking toward him on her father's arm.

He anxiously watched as she approached, and extended his hand to the man who had guided her to his side. I watched my son as she slid

her hand into his, slowly close his eyes and exhale..."for you were meant for me".

...and he did, as his groomsmen cheered him on!
All the planning, the partying, the shopping, the traveling, the saving, the spending, the phone calls, the mailings and blogging, had culminated on this day, this time, this gathering in Ocean City, NJ.

Family and friends had started to arrive days earlier, in planes, trains and automobiles to help celebrate their support and love for this union. The minister spoke her wise words, the bride and groom had each chosen a cousin to read warm and witty selections...and then Kathleen and Trevor recited those time-honored vowels that never seem to get old. And with the declaration of marriage and a wave of her, Rev. O'Donnell proclaimed them married. "Trevor, kiss your wife!"

I must admit, that by the time we got through the receiving line and ready to board the trolley, the two of them were downright giddy! Watching them laughing while drinking champagne made me realize why this is such a great couple...they're friends. They've got this!

The wedding was not only beautiful, it was perfect. There aren't many days that you can look back to in your life and use that word. But this day was perfect.

Now, I can't speak for the newlyweds, but when I walked into that reception and realized that almost everyone in this world that I love and care about,
was in one place - at the same time, I was overwhelmed. For most of my family and friends, this wedding had the added expense of travel for some, hotels for all. But attending was never a second thought. And I love them for that.

After everyone feasted on New York strip steak and sea bass, the party got started! Some of my favorite pictures of this day are below. Take a look!

Kat surprised hubby with short dress and a hot dance to "I know what  boys want"!

Dads can be funny at the oddest times!

I'm getting married!

When was it decided I was wearing a ring?

Hey Mom, won't be bringing home laundry anymore!!

"Let's sail away on the ocean blue", the invitation began. And it's such a lovely thought. But in life, the seas won't always be calm, but as long as you have a steady hand to hold, the ride's a  whole lot easier.

And as the Groom's brother Kyle, the best man, toasted,
 "May only the good winds push your sails through the journey of life"

Here is to the good winds, Trevor & Kathleen! 

Photos by anyone who posted on Facebook!


  1. Just lovely. May they be surrounded by love throughout their lives!

    1. Thank you Shelley! Surrounding them with love is the easy part!

  2. Beautifully written! It was such a wonderful day. We were blessed with perfect weather, the ceremony was lovely, and it was fun to see and feel their joy. I loved watching Kathleen's face as she walked toward Trevor and his face as he waited. It was beautiful.

  3. Thank you Jean! Their faces said it all! It was just the best day!