Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Confetti's on the Floor....Leftover Wedding Stuff!

Kathleen and Mom getting down!
With "The Groom's Side" blog now history, I thought I'd take some license, so to speak, in allowing Kitchen Clatter to sweep up after the reception and see what remnants might have been left behind! The dust pan is full, so before I discard, let's sift through the rubble!

Going through previous blogs, I realized that there were more than a few comments made about working out, losing weight, finding a dress, etc. Also, "The Groom's Side" blog had a couple thousand faithful readers each time it posted, but
only about 100 of them were actually at the wedding. Thus, I received some emails over the weekend complaining about not wrapping things accordingly. So here goes:

1. For Jillian in Georgia who asked about the results of my gym visits -I started working out in early fall, and by Christmas had lost 42 pounds. Problem was, I started suffering from severe back spasms and was diagnosed with "spinal stenosis", sounds worse than it is, but it's a narrowing of the spinal cord that occasionally acts up! Mine was in a full blown melt down. So, I stopped "working out" and was reduced to taking long walks after dinner. Gained 7 pounds back but still ahead of the game.

Trevor and me
2. The dress...okay, for those not in attendance (and you people did get a little testy over this), here it is. Wasn't something I would have picked off the rack, but once on, it worked. And before anyone writes again, yes I managed to get the Spanx on without hurting myself, but the "Concealer", (which I'm pretty sure use to be called a "corset") that Marie at the dress shop sold me, was a task! Trying to put in on by myself was a nightmare.

 I thought if I fastened it in the front and then spun it around, I'd be okay. Instead, I almost screwed myself into the hotel carpet. Thank God my sister's room was not far away. I'm pretty sure when she first answered her cell, I must of sounded like I was speaking in tongues. Fortunately, she understood enough to get over right away. Also for Penita in Cancun, as you can see - the groom wore a nice gray tux, not a Hawaiian shirt and headdress as he threatened.

3. And for Emma in Ireland, Rose in London, Angel in California - The rehearsal dinner! Yes, talked about this "one known responsibility" on several blogs and I am hear to say it could not have gone better! By smartly blogging about Baia's Bayside Restaurant coming to our rescue, they received more than a few reservations and in return, the manager moved us from a private room to a private outdoor deck, and then added a great musician (at no additional cost) for good measure. It was perfect. A full moon (a once-in-300-years Super Moon actually), glided on the bay as we ate and drank, laughed and danced. It was an "amazing night" as my son, the beaming groom kept saying.

Cousins's Pool Time!
Rehearsal Dinner
A couple other items of note. While I was so looking forward to all of my out of state family coming home for a rare visit in unison. I kept imagining everyone dancing, laughing and having a good time at the reception. What I didn't think about was how much fun our "reunion" was going to be at the hotel!

Poolside was a hot bed of activity as cousins who'd never met, played in the water as if they were life-long buddies, and others with years between visits, gathered, sharing memories, and hometown favorites like Italian hoagies. (For distant readers, this is a Philly area favorite sandwich with cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and hot peppers on a roll.) This gathering, along with all of my friends, in one place, at one time, was pure unanticipated joy! I am grateful to everyone who made the trip!

Allow me to also send appreciation to the brides's Mom, Jean, and bridesmaids, Jeanne, Laura, Emily, Mimi, Caroline, Ashley...and of course my beautiful new daughter in-law, Kathleen, who made me feel like one of the gang all weekend long! And a special shout out to Emily who got down on her knees and helped me put heels on for the first time in....well, forever. She watched me steady my legs as if I was a newborn colt standing for the first time. It wasn't pretty, but she smiled anyway "you look great"! Yeah right, but thanks Em!

And to the groomsmen, Kyle (one of mine), John, Brooks, Bobby, Albert, Amon, and Walt, most of who ended up calling me "mom" by the end of the weekend , you guys were the best! Until now, I didn't know anyone could consume that much alcohol and stay upright! You've enlightened me! (I also didn't know that one man could be so attached to his hair, Walt.)

Why didn't the girls seem as anxious to climb on wet, slippery rocks as the guys!

Okay, think I've answered most of the questions that were left lingering. I love that people followed "The Groom's Side" with such anticipation that they remembered parts of blogs that were written last fall and had the curiosity to email me with questions! Speaking of curiosity, the picture below is one of my favorite remnants from that fabulous weekend. It's two cousins who had never met before the wedding, forming a bond while checking out the sea water coming through the rocks. May we all keep the wonder of the small things in our lives.

My nephews Drew and Keegan!
Next up? "Kitchen Clatter" is in "full throttle ahead" mode. First, my house is under contract and I will be moving on as a single woman for the first time in my life! Join me for the excitement and stories of starting over again! There is so much to do! Also, I will soon be sharing some very exciting news about this coming  fall. And... I will be on a search for recipes that fit my new lifestyle!  Also for recipes that will keep my family coming to a new kitchen table. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous, just so glad to have you all along for the ride. Let's go!


  1. Great "sifting through" post :) Loved following your journey. Looks like you and the family had a wonderful time!
    Easton Place

  2. Thanks Patti! It was fabulous! Appreciate the read!

  3. I just found your blog today and have enjoyed going back and reading about "the Groom's Side." Congrats to you on losing weight from one who is 57 and needs to do the same. I love the dress!