Sunday, January 31, 2016

Super Bowl & Crock Pot...Perfect Together!

A little provolone cheese, or horseradish mayo? OMG!
If you are in charge of throwing this year's Super Bowl party, you need to consider the crock pot your best friend. Nothing is worse than everyone being in front of the big screen hooting and hollowing while you are stuck in the kitchen. I've been sucks! Morning prep and slow cooking will keep you with the party, watching the year's best commercials, and, oh yeah, there's apparently a football game going on.

So, with all of that in mind, I was searching for the best one pot recipe I could find. And, I found it! For those of you who remember the time when looking for a good recipe meant coffee at the kitchen table thumbing through a stack of women's magazines, well, I have a folder stuffed with those clippings. And, I still go through them, especially when something jogs my memory.

Such was the case with my Super Bowl find. A similar recipe to the one listed below, was in an early 80's issue of Family Circle. Then recently, a smart Mississippi woman, Karen Chapman, kicked it up a notch with the addition of the Hidden Valley Ranch dry packet to the ingredients. It has made all the difference and the internet took notice! Now, I am not a chef but I do love to cook, I can best be described as a "tweaker". I find something interesting and then try and determine flavors that would work well layered in.

Recently in my own test kitchen, I was slow cooking this roast, while simultaneously hosting a luncheon for my family. I was serving homemade chicken soup and sandwiches (hoagies, for those who know what one is). My sons couldn't resist the amazing aroma coming from the crock pot. Reaction tells me everything! "Oh man, Mom, that is really, really good. I am making this for my party next week," said my oldest, Trevor. Then the younger son, Kyle, a culinary school graduate, offered, after his taste. "Mom, this is some good sh**!" I'm assuming that's a compliment.

After smelling this roast cooking all morning, I must agree with the boys...this is an amazing crock pot recipe. And, easy, easy easy!

From this...
·  (3-4 pound) roast, (a chuck roast works best here, it is flat and marbleized) 
·  One stick butter
·  1 package au jus gravy mix
·  1 package Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (dry)
·  Pepperoncini peppers and a little of the juice, (add  as many as you would like. I used half a jar, both of my sons said they will use the whole jar.) Also, Trevor is adding garlic gloves pressed into the roast. Garlic and butter, how can that be anything but good?

That's it! Put the beef in first, layer everything else on top and cook on low for eight hours. Shred beef with a fork and serve on crusty bread (to stand up to the amazing gravy the combined ingredients make.)! This is not the time for hamburger buns! 

Now, back in the 80's, the original version was made as a pot roast. You could certainly do that here, just cook about an hour less and remove before the meat totally falls apart. The gravy would be awesome over mashed potatoes. I am actually having the small amount my boys left me over noddles for my Sunday dinner! 

My tweaked version? Same recipe but using (4) large boneless, skinless chicken breast and adding a cup of hot sauce. Shredding chicken when done and serving as a a hot appetizer! I will let you know how this goes!!!! this!!! Score!!!

Photos by Jo Ann Phelps, GoogleImage

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